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"Square Circle is much more than just a program to me. It’s my family. Everyone here wants to be here. They’re all so kind, so friendly, and passionate about what they're doing. I know I’ll always have people here who care for me and support me. Square Circle makes me feel free to be myself because the staff create this safe space with an amazing energy. They just always make you want to show your true self, no matter your age, height, race, or sexual orientation. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them." 
- Jacob S. (Participant)

"Since getting involved with Square Circle in 2017, I am proud to watch the evolution of this incredibly valuable program for kids in the development of their self confidence, trust and teamwork.  The element of Social Circus empowers our youth to express themselves in a creative, active and artistic way, offering both individual and group activities -- yet in the end, working together and building trust, which is paramount for kids today, especially in communities where there may not be the intrinsic peering available to provide growth with confidence.  Square Circle provides this opportunity and more. Watching the success of the kids who have participated in the program is one of the most gratifying feelings as they grow and progress through to the next stages of life."

- Dr. Scott W. (Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee)

“Square Circle gave me so much confidence. I can talk to a big crowd of people now, I can dance in front of people, I can perform, I can do lots of things just because of them.”

- Zahra O. (Participant)

Square Circle
Square Circle

“What makes Square Circle amazing is the whole family aspect. Everyone is so supportive here, everyone knows each other, and everyone is just so close with each other all the time. There’s no one who’s left out and so it’s such an amazing thing.”

- Brandon C. (Participant)

"My students kept practicing and practicing; even the most reluctant learners. As the 6 week session grew to an end, I noticed a marked increase in their self confidence and their attitude towards academics shifted positively.”
- Elizabeth B. (TDSB Teacher)

“Square Circle empowers youth and raises their confidence in the classroom. Any teacher that has the opportunity to have their students experience Square Circle would be the luckiest teacher in the world.”

- Ms.G (TDSB Middle School Teacher)

"Square Circle delivers something profound and empowering to youth. Their staff are welcoming and patient, taking the time to get to know each child and his or her needs. The process they use builds a real community. It engages and helps kids move beyond cliques and the drama that can be such a challenge in the wider world. I’d recommend them to anyone. Out of the many camps and groups my daughter has been involved in, they’ve helped her grow the most and provided the most fun doing it.”

- Andrew M. (Parent of Participant)

“Both my boys had a wonderful experience. The other children they met, without exception were warm and welcoming. They developed a bond with the Square Circle family. We were surprised. Instead of coming home and playing video games, they would come home and show us how to juggle. We were exceptionally pleased and very surprised at the whole effort.”
- Jerry G. (Parent of Participant)

Square Circle

“A lot of friendships are formed through this program, friendships that last throughout time. We recommend this program with all our heart due to its great value and long lasting impact on kids creativity and self-confidence.”
- Sorina C. (Parent of Participant)

“I met all these people, I learned all these new skills, and it helped me grow as a person”

- Ivan C. (Participant)

“What I like about Square Circle and its circus program and everything here is that I make new friends. I express how I feel, I just show who I am, I show me.”

- Carmen A. (Participant)

Square Circle

“Already the first time you go, you get absorbed like family and you never want to leave.”

- Mia S. (Participant)

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