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Our Team

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Clarence Ford

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle whose words aptly evoke creative and business visionary Clarence Ford. There’s no doubt that the parts in question are at the highest level and include his work as an award-winning choreographer, artistic director and producer for clients as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, music legends, movies, TV, sports franchises and stage shows. The whole is where we meet Clarence and his passion project, Square Circle. He had already been giving back through diverse initiatives with his former company, Clarence Ford Entertainment, which integrates live entertainment with evolving technology and a social conscience. This work includes Square Circle, which Clarence founded in 2013 as one of Toronto’s first Social Circus programs provided in areas of need in the city.Square Circle is part of the global Social Circus movement that drives social change by helping youth and teens in underserved communities realize their creative potential and learn invaluable life skills.  (Click here for a complete list of Clarence’s credits and accomplishments).



Selina Marshall

Born and raised in Toronto, Selina’s professional career includes 20 years working at a credit union before turning her attention to Square Circle. From the start, Selina’s steady hand has been a guiding force in nurturing and encouraging the young people who come through the program’s doors. She has created and designed many robust programs, such as Circus in the Park and Square Lens in addition to directing and mentoring our LITs & OJOs. Given her warm, personable nature, it’s little surprise her work as a supportive administrator and supervisor consistently receives effusive praise from program participants and leaders in training (LITs). The strong admiration and connection between Selina and the youth in the program are mutual, resulting from her focus on nurturing these young people to go the distance in discovering their magnificent selves. As Selina says, she’s not afraid to persevere through the ‘juggle struggle’ and concentrate on helping each other through that challenge with encouragement. Her background in banking may have set her up for the business of running Square Circle as its administrator, but it’s Selina's heart that makes her the mentor and friend that Square Circle youth treasure so much.

Our On-Site Job Opportunity Hires (OJOs)


Introducing our OJOs! These remarkable youth have been active members of our Square Circle Community since their time as participants. Throughout the years, these eight have shown tremendous initiative and it is with great pride that we have been able to hire them through the Canada Summer Jobs Grant & many generous donations.

OJO Team of 2023:
Akeelah, Brandon, Hayaam, Ivan, Jacob, Mark, Stephanie, Taylor

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