Elizabeth Bristoll - TDSB Grade 5 Special Education Teacher, 2016 Fall In School Program


“Of course I would have loved more classes, as I saw my students in the short span of 5 weeks take risks due to a growth in confidence. I saw students persevere with skills. This was the most amazing outcome as generally these students give up very easily when they cannot master an academic skill within a few minutes. Although some acquired more skills than others, all felt their progress and appeared proud of it. Since returning in this first week, I have noticed that they are persevering with tasks that I had previously thought they had lost interest.”


Mrs. Goldsbie - TDSB Middle School Teacher, students have participated in all Square Circle programs since conception


“Square Circle Social Circus empowers youth and raises their confidence in the classroom. Any teacher that has the opportunity to have their students experience Square Circle would be the luckiest teacher in the world.”


Sergiy Fomin Humber - College 3rd year intern placement student

“Square Circle was my first “full-time job” and my first experience working full-time over the summer, and I can say I liked most of it. Clarence, Selina, Circus Instructors, Volunteers were all very good to work with. During my four month being at Square Circle I learned A LOT and I appreciate it. However, I can’t put an “easy” label on this experience. Working at Square Circle is like working at a Startup: you end up doing and sharing a lot of work that you weren’t expecting to do and take responsibility for it. Unlike other places, at Square Circle intern is considered to be a valuable unit of Square Circle, something that I found quite pleasing. I gained a lot of valuable skills here, both professional and personal. I also learned quite a few things about myself and reassured myself in skills that I already had. It’s actually very beneficial for interns to work in a company like Square Circle, which is located at CSI. Being a member of not just Square Circle, but SCI was great. I was able to network with many different people from absolutely different industries, cultural backgrounds etc. I connected with as many people as I could and I am sure these connections will play their part somewhere down the line and I am grateful for that.


I would definitely recommend Square Circle to 3rd year students in my college, because I felt this experience truly showed me my strength and weaknesses, and I hope I gave back just as much as you gave back to me. Thank you and good luck on your journey. Just as the picture underneath says Square Circle is like a flower, it’s still growing.”


Andrew McGregor - Daughter  2016 Summer Program

"Square Circle delivers something profound and empowering to youth. Their staff are welcoming and patient – taking the time to get to know each child and their needs. The process they use build real community. It engages and helps kids move beyond cliques and the drama that can be such a challenge in the wider world. I would recommend them to anyone. Out of the many camps and groups my daughter has been involved in they have helped her grow the most and provided the most fun doing it.”



Michael Finn McGregor - Daughter 2017 March Break Program

Published a post on Square Circle Social Circus: "March Break camp was so great - Claire never wanted to leave.”



Sorina Constantin - Son and Daughter participated in Square Circle programs since 2014

“The Square Circle Program is very different in a sense that it provides excellent programs (drama productions, juggling programs etc) and it keep the children's participants very involved.

The team running the Program - Clarence and Selina -  is extremely dedicated and professional. They like to see the kids get involved and grow in confidence, abilities and strength and succeed at whatever good they put their minds to.

Last but not least, a lot of friendships are formed through this program, friendships that last throughout time.

We recommend this Program with all our heart due to its great value and long lasting impact on kids' creativity and self-confidence.”



This is the parent of one of the boys who took part in the LUNA show at Crescent School in Toronto on April 21/2017.


I was very impressed by the dedication of all the students who took part in the show, their willingness to put on three back-to-back performances, supported by extremely committed coaches - Clarence Ford. Selina Marshall (pls add last name for me), Brenna Spademan (pls add last name for me) and the rest of the instructors' team. These coaches stayed with the kids for every part of the show, guiding them, talking to them and providing them with valuable feedback after each performance.


I was impressed with the message of the performance - the kids encouraged the audience to spread the message that acceptance, teamwork, compassion, trust and care are the qualities that this world we are living in needs the most. They mixed in some fun moments, music, dancing and juggling to ensure that the message goes through as complete as possible.


All around, this was a very enjoyable evening, proving that arts are the ultimate form of perfect human interaction, bringing together boys and girls from various backgrounds on the beautiful common level of sharing with each other their love of music, dance, circus and theatre.

Thank you, Square Circle, for putting this great show together!


Sherri Mellamed -2nd year intern from George Brown College.

Square Circle has been an extraordinary experience. Clarence and Selina take you under their wing from the start and expect their interns to get their feet wet and jump right into every aspect of their organization. I have learned so much being a full year intern at Square Circle from doing administration on every level, seeing how things are run as a new, small, grassroots organization, to working directly with the participants in our after school program, to sitting in and being part of various meetings which allowed me to see how they collaborate with other organizations and enhance their community at large. Their dedication to their program and the kids  has been inspirational to me. Square Circle has taught me to be a better community worker.

Zahra Omar:

Square circle to me is happiness and a very helpful program. They helped me with my communication skills also setting my goals in life, because of them I want to become a talk show host. They help me proceed my goal by making me the MC so I can get even more use to talking a crowd.


Carmen Elena Aguilar Penote:

Square Circle was one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life. I came to program at a young age. I strongly believe Square Circle shaped me to be the best me I can. I consider Selina my second Mother. Clarence has showed me that you shouldn’t be scared to speak what’s on your mind. I am the best I can be.


Angel Kircher:

Sque Circle has been an amazing experience. I have learned to juggle and now im so good at it, and I can teach it to other people in the community. I have had a really fun time learning to work with people i've never met. Everyone here is so wonderful to work with! Problem solving is something i've learned to do and improve.



My thoughts on Square Circle and Square Circle means to me. Square Circle for me is a place to learn and learn new skills and show you skills that are ready have. Square is also were you can learn, to juggle, diablo etc..


Cassandra Sukraj:

Square Circle has been a great opportunity to not only meet new people, but also learn valuable entertainment skills and having the chance to be more involved in the community. I’m really glad that i had the opportunity to be apart of something like this



I found Square Circle helps me because I learn how to juggle and talk to new people and that’s help me for practicing my english. Thank you for give me that opportunity.



Square Circle has helped me by getting in touch with my community and people in it. Square Circle has taught me cool skills that I have always wanted to learn like juggling.



My job at Square Circle,

I found my job at Square Circle very interesting and fun. Square Circle was fun because I got to teach kids and different people how to juggle. I think Square Circle helped me opened up and work with different people.



Square Circle is a place where fun and friends come to this place. Square Circle is where we do juggle, poi, diablo. Square Circle is where you can talk to anyone. Square Circle is a place where you change the community


Fun, Social, Energized, Alive, Free


Anonymous L.I.T.:

Square Circle’s open and caring atmosphere provides its students and Leaders in training (like myself) new chances to learn new and exciting things and meet new friends.


Fun, Respectful, Inviting, Educating, Exciting


Anonymous L.I.T.:

Square Circle is a family, they are a kind and safe environment where you can express who you are. Square Circle to me has been my home away from home and a place to meet new friends.


Fun, Safe, Opportunities, Kind, Welcoming


Anonymous L.I.T.:

Square Circle is a place where I can be safe. Everyone is so accepting no matter what, every single year.


Accepting, Social, Diverse, Inclusive, Rad


Anonymous L.I.T.:

Square Circle is a space where children can open up to adults and youth about their problems. This isn't just a circus program, its a place where people can trust each other and help each other out. I've spoken my feelings out to Selina, and she had helped me out in every way possible.


Caring, Social, Open


Sumaya Kamal:

I like that Square Circle has a park program. Because in the summer I would go to the park. But now I get paid to go to the park and help with circus trick.


Fun, Jolly, Interesting, Caring, Cool



In my opinion, Square Circle is a very social program it helps make new friends and teaches you new circus tricks/skills. Overall, Square Circle is the best and I look forward to coming back.


Welcoming, Fun, Circus-like, Caring, Awesome


Mark Kachor:

I came to Square Circle about a year ago. I didn’t know anybody, after a week I knew everyone. Square Circle is such  friendly loving community.


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